Right next to Sallie’s Restaurant & Snack Bar in Albertslund you will find Wittrup Motel which was founded by Sallie Zimmerhackel in 1955.

At Wittrup Motel accommodation can be provided at special prices for hosts and guest of e.g. Christmas dinners or other events at Sallie’s both in Albertslund and Taastrup.

Sallie had a Danish partner, Oscar Wittrup, and therefore it was he who gave the name to the motel, while her name came to adorn the restaurant.​

Despite the name, Sallie was the one to leave her mark on the motel. Today, both the restaurant and motel are driven by Claus and Henrik Hansen whose grandfather back in the days took over after Sallie.

The motel is the perfect place to stay the night – either if you are on a road trip or on holiday in Zealand or in Copenhagen. Or if you are at a concert, an event or otherwise at Sallie’s and wish to enjoy it without worrying about going directly home afterwards.

Denmark's oldest motel - In American style

Wittrup Motel is the oldest, still existing motel in Denmark and just like the restaurant, the motel is both historically unique, old-fashioned and modern all at once. Most of the rooms have been rebuilt into the 50’s style and the remaining rooms are on their way so that Wittrup Motel soon will be an authentic, classic and historical American motel – with a touch of modern times like high-speed internet and flatscreens with Chromecast.

If you are taking part in a party, concert or other event in one of our restaurants, you have the opportunity to stay the night at Wittrup Motel at special prices.

Read more and see prices here

There is a drive-in reception  - and you can park just outside the door to your room.

​At Wittrup Motel there are room categories:

  • Superior - The big ones  
  • Original - The rebuilt 50's rooms
  • ​Standard - Classic motel rooms
  • ​Economy - Room with showers and toilets in the hallway

​Here you will find further description of the rooms – as well as pictures.​​

Book your room at www.wittrupmotel.dk or call 43 64 95 51.

​Sallie's Restaurant & Snack Bar

Roskildevej 251, 2620 Albertslund

Tlf.: 43 64 91 32 

E-mail: albertslund@sallies.dk​

CVR: 21745847

Sallie's Race Lounge

Bondehøjvej 20, 2630 Taastrup

Tlf.: 70 60 20 44​

E-mail: taastrup@sallies.dk

​CVR: 21745847