​​Rent a Food Truck: Sallie's On Wheels

Experience American food culture from the 50’s in our serving- “food truck” which you can have coming by your place.

Sallie’s On Wheels is named after our American founder, Sallie Zimmerhackel, who came to Denmark in 1955 and built both motel and snackbar by American principles. Sallie was the first one to serve a cheeseburger in Denmark.

We have restored our restaurant as close to its original style as possible. Both décor and menu are inspired by what the place looked like and what was served when Sallie stood behind the counter and greeted the guests. The same goes for Sallie’s On Wheels, which is a transformed US Airstream from 1957, specially designed as a serving truck.

A completely unique food truck

Sallie's food truck focuses on food and drinks as in the 50's. We serve up e.g. burgers and shakes as well as homemade lemonade. Everything is homemade and with inspiration from the original recipes. 

Sallie's On Wheels takes our amazing and unique story and turns it into an authentic experience on wheels. Rent a food truck - for the enjoyment of you and your guests!

You can rent Sallie's On Wheels​ for:

- ​Company events

- ​Birthdays

- ​Sports- & racing events

- ​Trade Fairs an exhibitions

- ​Friday Bar

- ​Personnel care

- ​Customer and Sales events

- Another party or event

​Sallie's Restaurant & Snack Bar

Roskildevej 251, 2620 Albertslund

Tlf.: 43 64 91 32 

E-mail: albertslund@sallies.dk​

CVR: 21745847

Sallie's Race Lounge

Bondehøjvej 20, 2630 Taastrup

Tlf.: 70 60 20 44​

E-mail: taastrup@sallies.dk

​CVR: 21745847