The history of Sallie's - American restaurant and Snack Bar

​Would you like a very special experience at a restaurant where senses as well as the stomach are satisted? At Sallie’s you get a unique journey back in time to the 50’s where the American Sallie Zimmerhackel came to Denmark. In 1955​ she opened a motel with its own snackbar. That was the beginning of a magnificent journey in which you can still to this day be a part of when you make a visit. 

Sallie’s is located at Roskildevej in Albertslund – on the highway between Taastrup and Roskilde. Here, you can book a table – or bring the delights of America back home. Just next to the restaurant you will find the oldest motel in Denmark, Wittrup Motel, which has rooms decorated like those of the 50’s as well.

Besides our restaurant in Albertslund we have an American restaurant in Taastrup – Sallie’s Race Lounge. It is placed together with the biggest indoor go-kart track in the world, Racehall CPH. Here, we have many customers from Copenhagen as well as the rest of Zealand.

Here, you will get a different and unique experience with focus on Sallie's historical connections to motorsports. Many of the international drivers from then famous legendary Roskilde Ring track ate at Sallie's and then stayed the night at Wittrup Motel.​

Atmosphere, design and menus like in the 50's

When you enter the door these days, it is like time has been standing still. Both motel and restaurant has been recreated to fit the milieu there was at the place back in the 50's - and that is down to the very last detail. Tables, chairs, lamps, tapestry and colors, it all shines with authenticity and nostalgia so that you may be present with those dear to you. 

Denmark's very first cheeseburger

Sallie’s Restaurant & Snackbar is built around the authentic story of Sallie, her motel and the snackbar belonging to the motel. Here, she entered history – by serving the very first cheeseburger in Denmark among other things. Today, main parts of the menu are directly inspired by what she served back then. Amongst other things you can get Sallie’s Original Cheeseburger, different kinds of steaks, fish ‘n’ chips, pulled pork, Sallie’s American Style Barbecue Ribs and a series of other dishes – vegetarian too. Quality is of highest priority and most things are made from our own recipes, even the mayo.​

Delicious milkshakes of high quality with unique stories

Among Sallie’s drinks you will find different types of high-quality milkshakes. Including Sallie’s Original Coffee Shake which Lise Nørgaard amongst other things was served when she, as a journalist for the newspaper Politiken, visited the place in 1955 in connection with the opening.

The article from back then is hung on the wall. Read it and expand your sense of the unique spot Sallie’s was back then and still is to this day. In 2019, Sallie’s was honored to once again welcome Lise Nørgaard as a guest where she of course was offered Sallie’s Original Coffee Shake.

Host an event at an American restaurant

Keep your eye out on Sallie's event calendar here at our website. Here, you can find different exciting events and concerts. If you would like to create your own memories with all of your loved ones, Sallie's has got its own room for banquets both in Albertslund and in Taastrup. Both emits the warming ambience of the 50's ​


​Sallie's Restaurant & Snack Bar

Roskildevej 251, 2620 Albertslund

Tlf.: 43 64 91 32 


CVR: 21745847

Sallie's Race Lounge

Bondehøjvej 20, 2630 Taastrup

Tlf.: 70 60 20 44​


​CVR: 21745847