​Cozy banquet rooms in pure 50's style

At Sallie’s you can host your party, reception or another kind of event. Our banquet rooms can be separated into two smaller compartments so that you may be to yourself – and at the same time be surrounded by historic details. Our banquet rooms are located in Taastrup and Albertslund. Through time, we have many events for guests from all over Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand.

Every little detail in the décor has been taken into account. From the colors, lamps, tables and the historic details we have mounted on our walls. Here, you will find pictures and news articles back from when the motel was founded – And motorsports posters from the time when the famous racecar drivers visited the renowned racing track at Roskilde Ring.

The furniture, in which you are siting, are specially produced for Sallie’s in a style that matches the one back from when Sallie Zimmerhackel served Denmark’s first cheeseburger in the very same premises.

We have looked through recipes and menus from back then and have recreated everything possible – at close to the original dishes as possible. Furthermore, we have our own new all homemade interpretations. When you rent our banquet rooms for parties, you are always sure to get fresh and delicious food made from the finest ingredients.

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At Wittrup Motel accommodation can be provided at special prices for hosts and guests of e.g. bachelor parties, Christmas dinners or other events at Sallie's both in Albertslund and Taastrup.  Please get in touch with us if you wish to hear more about the possibilities of renting our banquet rooms. ​

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