​Meetings og conferences

Give the creativity free reins – and who knows - maybe it gives birth to your company’s best idea ever. Our inspiring rooms, decorated by one of the best designers in Denmark, have an invigorating effect and makes you happy.

Sallie’s in Albertslund and Taastrup are perfect as a center for your meeting or your conference. Our conference rooms are located centrally near Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand – only a few hundred meters from the freeway.​

Capacity and facilities

  • Great possibilities for parking
  • Conference rooms with room for up to 80 people​
  • Auditorium with room for up to 70 people
  • "Break out Zones" for group work
  • Possibilities for accommodation in Original 50's Rooms at Wittrup Motel
  • Climate control in every room
  • The possibility of an experience that raises the moral and team spirit. Have a run at the world's largest indoor go-kart track, Racehall CPH
  • We can make a variant of activities for either a partial day or an entire day
  • Many other useful facilities - just ask

Course Packages

  • Prices on our course packages
  • Prices on accommodation

​You can read our general terms and conditions here.

Extraordinary facilities for your conference

In Albertslund, we have a large outdoor area suitable for exhibitions like machine shows, car shows, equipment and much more. We will supply you with electricity and set up tents if necessary.

In Taastrup, you can combine your conference day with a race in F1 style and end the day with a cozy evening on our outdoor terrace where you will have plenty of opportunities like wine tastings, barbecue and much more.​

​Sallie's Restaurant & Snack Bar

Roskildevej 251, 2620 Albertslund

Tlf.: 43 64 91 32 

E-mail: albertslund@sallies.dk​

CVR: 21745847

Sallie's Race Lounge

Bondehøjvej 20, 2630 Taastrup

Tlf.: 70 60 20 44​

E-mail: taastrup@sallies.dk

​CVR: 21745847